Vortech International – Prevention of infectious disease, environmental polution, food safety, food preservation, crop health, mold control, and more.

This site is dedicated to delivering you information on cutting edge technologies (many of which are natural products) and answers to a broad array of problems facing modern mankind. Natural solutions that relate to the control and prevention of infectious disease, pollution of the environment, food safety, food preservation, crop health, mold control, and more.

Vortech International's founders have a dedicated mission to offer customized solutions that do not create ancillary issues to our planet's water, air, or to its inhabitants. We combine disparate technologies and natural chemistries to create synergistic results, such that the combined effect is far greater than the individual parts. This is what makes Vortech International unique.

Our customers range in size from single family residences to multi-national corporations across numerous market sectors such as healthcare, agriculture, food processing, hospitality industry, transportation and marine. We have developed a global reach through strategic alliances to provide and support our products and services.

Our worldwide search for new answers is ongoing and is part of our everyday mission. To that end, we invite you to come back to this website often, to see what is new and exciting and what may play a role in helping you or your customers.

Once again, welcome to Vortech International!

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