Citrox® - The Evolution of Natural, enviro-friendly and organic cleaning, sanitation, healthcare and agricultural products.

Citrox technology incorporates a truly holistic approach designed to increase the efficiency of cleaning and sanitising operations and addresses the growing demands for replacing synthetically based products for a wide range of applications including: farming, animal health, produce decontamination, water treatment, human medical and personal care. In accordance with the demands of ISO and HACCP systems, Citrox aims are focused on zero negative impact on human health and for compliance with organic farming regulations.

The core biotechnology of Citrox is the use of complex compounds which have been developed by a team of scientists. The key ingredients are flavonoids that are extracted through a specialised process from citrus fruits. The extracted flavonoids are combined with a number of natural acids (from fruit and vegetable origins) to produce the core active substances which have a proven broad spectrum efficacy against harmful micro-organisms, fungi, moulds and yeast. With today's surmounting sanitation and healthcare needs, Citrox and its unique efficacy and low impact is positioned as a significant revolution to wide-ranging aplications and industries.

Citrox Key Features:

•Manufactured using only naturally derived, non-toxic, hypo-allergenic and non-corrosive ingredients
•Completely biodegradable, safe and eco-friendly
•Contain organic compliant active anti-microbial ingredients
•Easy to handle: non-harmful to human, animals and the environment
•Do not contain any petrochemicals
•Do not contain any allergenic substances
•Do not contain any synthetic fragrances or colorants
•Not tested on animals
•GMO free
•Effective in very low concentration (in water)

Citrox - Food and Beverage

Citrox technology incorporates a truly holistic approach designed to increase the effectiveness and profitability of food and beverage production processes. Citrox can offer systems applicable across the whole logistical operation from growing through processing and storage, to end-use. The care and protection of peripheral equipment can also be supported. Citrox extensive international field experience is available to support design of tailored trials ensuring you achieve the most cost effective package. Citrox products can be applied in many area such as decontamination of fruits and vegetables, fish and seafood, meat and poultry. They can also be used in dairy and beverage products, sauces, processed meat and fish, bakery, etc.

Products: ProGarda™ Fruit & Vegetable / Food & Beverage Decontaminant

Citrox - ProGarda™Fruit & Vegetable Decontaminant (ref. 14WP)
is specifically designed for the decontamination of skinned, fresh cut and
open structured fruit and vegetables. It can be applied via dipping,
spraying or fogging techniques. It is particularly effective when applied to produce with high organic/biofilm loadings.

Benefits - ProGarda™
•Conforms to Organic Farming EU Regulation 2092/91
•Manufactured from completely renewable sources
•Effective in the presence of organic matter
•Breaks down biofilm
•Extends shelf-life and reduces pathogenic attack
•Non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, non-mutagenic, non-tainting, non-carcinogenic, non-hazardous to humans
•Conforms to BS EN 1276 (European Suspension Test) giving a guaranteed 5 log reduction

Citrox - Agriculture: Pesticide, Herbicide and Fungicide Alternative

Products: ProAlexin™ . The Natural Alternative.

Citrox - ProAlexin™ products aim to assist agricultural producers to achieve gains without the use of toxic chemicals. They are designed to activate, and enhance synergistically, the plants production of phytoalexins thus countering the risk of damage from plant-attacking pathogens.
This reduces the stress on the plant and promotes plant vigour, resulting in a healthier plant giving better yields through improved nutrition. The benefits, as observed during field trials, are a reduction in the number of fertilizers and insecticides required, higher yields and higher grade quality produce.

Application Fields - ProAlexin™:

Stone fruits: apricots, plums, nectarines, apples and pears, etc.
Citrus fruits: lemons, oranges, grapefruits, etc.
Berries: strawberries, blueberries, etc.
Exotic fruits: pineapples, mangos, passion fruits, coconuts, banana and plantain, guava, etc.

Leafy/flowery vegetables: lettuces, broccolis, cauliflowers, etc.
Root vegetables: carrots, potatoes, onions, etc.
Other vegetables: cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, etc.

Aromatic herbs:
thyme, lavender, etc.

corn, hay, etc.

table and wine grapes

Plants, flowers and lawns:
orchids, chrysanthemums, gerbera, roses, petunias

various applications

Benefits - ProAlexin™
•Improved plant health and vigour
•Increases crop quality and yields
•Does not alter the taste of produce, has no irritant odor and has no residual withholding periods when used at manufacturers recommendations
•Reduces the dependency on traditional agrochemicals (fertilizers and pesticides)
•Far less impact on the environment: organic compliant, completely biodegradable
•No corrosion to expensive plant and equipment, reducing maintenance costs
•Working conditions for the operators are safer and more pleasant
•Cost effective: concentrated formula

Foliar application programs are available to agronomists depending on location and crop type.

Citrox - Surface Hygiene and Industrial Cleaning

Products: ProSino™ Cleaners and Sanitizers

Replacing synthetically based products for use in cleaning and sanitising operations:
The Citrox hygiene range includes novel products that address the growing demands for replacing synthetically based productsfor use in cleaning operations.Examples of this include the replacement of chlorine and quaternary compound based cleaners with health & safety eco-friendly products.Citrox technology incorporates a truly holistic approach designed to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of cleaning operations.This includes a wide range of formulations, some of which are totally non-toxic, hypoallergenic and even carry organic status.The various formulations are effective over a wide range of pathogens, including gram positive and gram negative bacteria, viruses, moulds, yeasts and fungi.

Chlorine and caustic soda health problems:
For many years chlorine and caustic soda have been the standard, cheap chemicals used to decontaminate foodstuffs, and to reduce the risk of infections. It is now known and generally acknowledged, that this is a health hazard, and a proven cause of severe health problems.
The use of chlorine has already been banned in organic foods, and this ban will extend to all foodstuffs in due course. Further it is inevitable that caustic soda will be subject to similar pressure. Without exception, chlorine and all currently available synthetic disinfectants are unsuitable for use in the disinfection of food during preparation, and in food preparation areas because of high toxicity levels. By comparison, Citrox products for factory cleaning and disinfection have low toxicity, and are non-corrosive. Citrox sanitisers comply with the EU organic Regulations 2092/91.

Main applications:
ProSino™ Cleaners can be used safely in food processing facilities, farms, hotels and restaurants, offices, schools and canteens on floors, walls, ceilings, bench tops and cutting boards, tools, utensils and automated equipment, cars and transport vehicles, shipping containers, tray and bottle washing, cool rooms, dump tanks, waste bins, fabrics, drapes, kitchen, bathrooms, toilets.

Benefits - ProSino™ line:
•Broad spectrum bactericidal, virucidal and sporocidal activity
•Strong residual effect
•Breaks down biofilm
•Effective in the presence of organic matter
•Safe to use on all surfaces and fabrics

Citrox - Healthcare

Products: ProSino™ Hospital Grade Cleaners and Sanitizers

ProSino™ Hospital Grade range of cleaners and sanitisers can be used to efectively disenfect hospitals, doctors clinics, nursing homes and all similar establishments to remove a wide range of pathogens including MRSA.

Citrox - Personal Care

Products: ProCaro™ Natural Personal Care
ProCaro™ Personal Care active ingredients and ready-to-use products are completely natural, dermatologically tested (suitable for use on sensitive skin), not tested on animals and GMO free.

Citrox - Animal Husbandry

ProVigoro™ feed and drinking water additives improve the immune system of the animals, eliminate the need for conventional antibiotics (pathogen control), improve the feed conversion rates (FCR), reduce the mortality rates and increase product shelf-life.

Products: ProVigoro™ Animal Drink Additive

Product Description: natural product designed for oral administration via the drinking water. It is composed of a combination of bioflavonoid complexes, vitamins, naturally occurring organic acids and an extract of yucca shidigera.

Application: ProVigoro™ Animal Drink Additive can be used in poultry and swine husbandry at times of stress, anticipated disease outbreaks, in conjunction with other control measures such as vaccination to reduce the problems associated with the handling stress of this procedure.

Products: ProVigoro™ Animal Feed Additive

Product Description: multi-species feed supplement manufactured from natural ingredients as a replacement for chemical based feed supplement. It is a powder designed for oral administration in the daily feed ration as part of the pellet ingredients mixed into the finished ration on farm.

Application: ProVigoro™ Animal Feed Additive can be used in poultry and swine husbandry at times of stress, anticipated disease outbreaks, in conjunction with other control measures such as vaccination to reduce the problems associated with the handling stress of this procedure.

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