Kwazar Products – Durable double-action manual action and electronic sprayers and excessories

These extremely durable hand sprayers and backpack sprayers are imported from Europe and use chemical resistant VITON seals for long life and functionality. The Double-action pump makes spraying easier by releasing fluid on the release of the trigger as well as the pull of the trigger. Now you can apply your product with double the efficiency and the ergonomic design fits your hand perfectly. The fine mist to full stream adjustable nozzle make the sprayers ideal for every project from HazMat clean up to household cleaning to fine misting for agricultural purposes. These are ultra-efficient, durable, high-quality sprayers. Now you can order any of the Mercury Pro+, Venus Pro+, Hermes 2 and Orion Pro+ products directly from vortech.

Newly designed Venus Pro + (blue) line available soon!

Click the link Below to view a printable PDF brochure of the Kwazar Pro+ or Super Garden Product Lines.

   Kwazar Garden Sprayers Catalog

   Kwazar_katalogPRO+ Catalog


For the complete line Kwazar Products available through Vortech Systems, including Agricultural, home garden, nursery and forestry and hygiene and health care products, click here.

The Kwazar Pro+ line has been available in 104 other Countries for years and is now available in the USA exclusively by Vortech Systems. Please Contact Us for Pricing on these elite Products sold exclusively in the USA through Vortech Systems.