Marinevac™ - Vacuum Toilet De-Scaling System

Vortech is the exclusive North American, Central American and Caribbean agent to the yachting industry for the Marinevac acid injection unit. Developed for the cleaning of marine vacuum toilet systems, Marinevac works completely under vacuum, reducing any risk of leaks and leaving all toilets fully operational with virtually no inconvenience or downtime. We now offer a comprehensive sales, service and refit operation, enabling your sewage system cleaning while your yacht, crew and guests go about their normal day. Visit for more details on this uniquely more convenient service or click here for contact information in your area.




Here’s just a few of our very satisfied clients, Thank You:

Lady Moura, Wedge Too, Limitless, Samax, Element, Saint Nicolas, Emminence, Polar Star and Solemar.

Hi David,

I am happy to say that the cleaning went extremely well and the results I saw spoke for themselves. I have to admit that I and a few other were sceptical that the system would work due to the extreme build up that we had in our system. I was impressed by the final results and was happy to be proved wrong. David and his team were all very courteous and a pleasure to work with. I would happily recommend them to any of my colleagues.



Dear David,

Thank you for your providing both an efficient and unobtrusive service to the black water pipework on board JO yesterday.

The pipework had not been cleaned since the vessel was launched 7 years ago, the pipes capacity had been severely restricted and a number of ball valves seized, the cleaning process has drastically improved the entire pipework and freed all the valves.

I thank you again for providing a great service whilst the crew and the yacht continued its daily life in the shipyard totally uninterrupted.

Best regards,
Ian Robertson
Captain M.Y JO