Sterilization - Decontamination - Purification - Dehumidification for yachts, ocean liners, homes and marine industry (air & all surfaces):
Vortech Systems offers a host of Sterilization / Decontamination / Purification and Dehumidification services for yachts, ocean liners, homes and the marine industry. Worldwide, we provide a full line of unique, biofriendly services and products to help assure the confidence of a clean, pristine and safe environment for you and your guests.

Vortech’s Micro-Mist Service - The invisible veil of protection.

  • Unique - Leaves NO RESIDUE traceable to the human eye or touch.
  • Creates an invisible shield and continues killing bacteria and viruses up to 60 days.

Environmentally sound Sterilization & Decontamination Service safely destroys:

  • Deadly bacteria and viruses including: N1H1-A (swine flu), MRSA, Norovirus, HIV, Tuberculosis, E-Coli, Influenza (Including Bird Flu), Hepatitis C, Streptococcus, Pseudomonas, Legionella, Pneumophilia, Human Coronavirus, Enterococcus, Acinetobacter and many more...
  • Toxic mold and mildew
  • Cockroaches, bed bugs and other pests
24/7 Services carried out Dockside


Hide deadly Bacteria, Viruses
and Toxic Mold


Are TOO BIG - inhibited


Sterilizes all indoor air and KILLS
deadly surface contaminants


Helps Protect You & Your Family

For More information on Dri-Mist Service, Click Here for a viewable and printable .pdf or Contact your nearest Service Center for further details from an experienced professional.

Other Services:

  • Air Scrubbing
  • Air Analysis
  • Viral & Bacterial Lab Testing.

Contact us for more information on these products and services in your area.